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5 Things To Consider When Evaluating A Community

  • Return visit - Tour the community and if you feel like it may be a good fit, return at a later date unannounced, that way you can see if the community is as good as you perceived it to be or was some of it planned because the staff was made aware of your arrival...

Detecting Early Signs of Dementia

With age, comes the concern of one’s mental wellbeing. The most common of worries among families with aged members is the development of Dementia. And as with all forms of health issues, an early diagnosis often helps to pinpoint the cause to prolong its full onset and assist...

How to Make Senior Living Decisions with out of State Family Members

Making the decision to have your loved one move into a senior living community is already tough enough, and when you factor in the possibility of having to make this decision with family members who are out of state, things may get complicated...

How Do You Know It Is Time for Senior Living

There will come a time when you need to make the momentous decision of moving into a senior living facility or having a loved one do so. However, many struggle with deciding when's the best time to put this into motion...

About us

SLME is a referral and placement service. We help seniors and their families select senior care and senior living communities that are ideal for them, based on their individual needs and preferences. Whether you are just starting to research options or are in a more urgent situation, we are here to support you.

We offer this service at no-cost to seniors and their families. A referral fee is paid to SLME by the senior living community or senior care provider selected. This allows us to provide a much needed service that everyone can benefit from.


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